ITB 1781-17 Refuse Removal Services and Addendum #1, #2, and #3

Housing Authority of the City of Hartford, 180 John D Wardlaw Way, Hartford, CT 06106



Refuse Removal Services




1.1 Intent

The Housing Authority of the City of Hartford (the Authority) intends to contract with one Vendor for timely,

consistent, and cost-effective refuse removal services at several multi-dwelling and commercial buildings within the

City of Hartford. Refuse removal will include recycling at certain locations as shown on the Bid Schedule. The

Authority owns most of its dumpsters; therefore, unless specifically requested in the price schedule, containers are

not required as part of this request. Bulky Waste removal is also included in this bid and performed once every two

weeks (unless requested more often) at one location, the Warehouse and shown on the Bid Schedule.

1.2 TERM OF CONTRACT: The contract term will be for three years commencing on or about May 1, 2017 and

ending three years from that date, on or about April 30, 2020. Termination during the contract term will be in

accordance with HUD Form 5370, paragraph 3, Termination for Convenience or Default.

1.3 PRE-BID MEETING: A pre-bid meeting will not be held; however, bidders are encouraged to ask questions either

by phone or email if clarification is needed after a site inspection is conducted. All questions or requests for a site

inspection tour should be emailed to put the words REFUSE REMOVAL on the

subject line.

1.3.1 Site Inspections: Bidders must avail themselves of the general conditions that exist for each of

the locations specified in the Scope of Services prior to the date of bid opening. Bidders are

responsible for having taken steps reasonably necessary to ascertain the nature and location of the

work, and the general and local conditions which might affect the work or the cost thereof. Failure

to inspect will not be grounds to alter Contractor’s responsibility to successfully perform the work

without additional expense to the Authority.


1.4 Bid OPENING:

Sealed Bids will be accepted at the following location until, but not later than 2:00 P.M., Thursday, April 6, 2017, at


which time they will be opened and read in the 2nd Floor Conference Room.

Deliver to:

The Housing Authority of the City of Hartford

Attn: Bid Department

180 John D Wardlaw Way

Hartford, CT 06106

Envelope must be sealed and plainly marked with the Bidders Name and Address and the words:




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