About Utility Allowances

Housing Choice Voucher (Section 8)


Tenants have a utility allowance when

  • The cost of essential utilities (not including telephone, cable television, or Internet) and other housing services for an assisted unit is not included in the tenant rent but is the responsibility of the family occupying the unit.

How is the Utility Allowance Determined?

  • Utility consumption estimates are calculated by a properly licensed engineer or other qualified professional
  • As part of a family's monthly rental allowance, HACH includes a utility allowance. A family's utility allowance is the amount designated by HACH as a family's reasonable allowance to cover its monthly utility bills.
  • HACH’s utility allowance is based on an average estimated cost for natural gas, oil or propane, electricity, water, sewage and trash collection. HACH does not provide assistance for not including telephone, cable television, or Internet bills.


  • HACH provide each assisted family with a standard utility allowance based on the type of source and type of unit the most current UA schedule can be found here.


Am I entitled to a utility reimbursement?

  • The family may receive a utility reimbursement when the family has no rental portion to the landlord.
  • HACH pays the reimbursement directly to the family and the family is obligated to pay the utility company.

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