About HACH

OUR MISSION STATEMENTIt is the mission of the The Housing Authority of the City of Hartford (HACH) to be a fiscally sound agency that provides safe, decent and affordable high quality housing and homeownership choices.  HACH strives to become closer to our resident and community partners while being a positive catalyst for the creation of economic opportunities and independence in diverse communities.  HHA will provide a positive work environment for our employees and value-added supportive services to our residents.
OUR THEME:"Change"
OUR SLOGAN:"Building strong, successful families in our communities."
OUR VISION:The Housing Authority of the City of Hartford will be a catalyst for change in the successful creation of strong communities and families.
CHANGE...Our Work Environment!


Goal #1:    Expand the supply of diverse, affordable, and accessible housing.

Goal #2:    Improve the quality of affordable housing.

Goal #3:    Provide an improved working environment for employees.

Goal #4:    Improve internal and external communications.

Goal #5:    Enhance HHA's relationship with its resident and community partners.

Goal #6:    Become and maintain a fiscally sound agency.